Catholic nonprofits

for a sustainable future

“A catalyst doesn’t prescribe a solution, nor does [s]he hit you over the head with one.  Instead, [s]he assumes a peer relationship and listens intently”

The Starfish and the Spider

Leaders of Catholic, nonprofit organizations face ever growing challenges as the world experiences monumental shifts in society, home, and work. These challenges fundamentally impact mission integration in ways that require thoughtful and creative solutions to continue to engage with the communities and populations they serve.

The truth is, leaders of these organizations already have all the answers they need to creatively solve any problem that presents itself. Fina Catalysts, LLC helps leaders unlock the potential within to untangle complex problems to work toward a sustainable future. Together, the organization and catalyst engage in a creative process that allows the client to take control of the direction and outcomes.

Creative processing begins

with your story

In a creative processing session, the catalyst will learn about your organization, listen to your needs, and work collaboratively with you and others to discover creative solutions. 

Organizations will gain a sense of ownership over the process as they are guided by the catalyst.

Creative processing assists nonprofits seeking change, innovation, empowerment, solutions to challenging problems, reinvention, or growth.

What we do

Each client comes with a unique dilemma that requires individualized attention. Fina Catalysts, LLC offers custom packages based on each organization’s needs and the expertise of our catalysts. Clients can choose a project rate, or hourly rate. This allows catalysts to collaborate with individual clients to determine what can be accomplished given the resources available. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

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